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Folding Table Frame

Folding / Collapsible Folding Table Frames
(Top NOT included)


Model FTF Features
Unique European Styling.
Available in both 30" & 42" Heights.
Standard Base Width: 24" & 28".
Custom Sizes and Colors available for additional cost.
Extremely Easy Set-up, Folds relatively flat 5"
No Loose parts, all one unit.

Part# FTF-BLK 24" W x 30" T
Part# FTF-BLK 24" W x 42" T
Part# FTF-BLK 28" W x 30" T
Part# FTF-BLK 28" W x 42" T

EBCO Products - Pedestal Table Kits & Cocktail Parts

Pedestal and Cocktail Parts


Bar Seats

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Bases are available in 24" and 28" diameter with either Brushed or Polished finish.

Black Padded Bar Seats
Available in both 12" and 16" with pads, K-Plates and screws.
12" Model - Part# PD-29
16" Model - Part# PD-40

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Poly Bar Seats
Part# PD-47    Black with Cup
Part# PD-48    White with Cup


Trumpet Pedestal Bases


Steel Trumpet Bases
Fits Standard Tapered Columns
Standard 1.75" Tapered Cone

Part# PD-56 - 20" Polished Steel Chrome Trumpet Base
Part# PD-57 - 20" BLACK Powder Coated Steel Trumpet Base
Part# PD-58 - 23" Polished Steel Chrome Trumpet Base
Part# PD-59 - 23" BLACK Powder Coated Steel Trumpet Base


Part# PD-73 - 23" Polished Aluminum Trumpet Base
Polished Finish
23" Diameter
Standard 1.75" Tapered Cone
Fits Standard Tapered Columns
Solid Aluminum Casting

  Trumpet Polished Alum 012.JPG

Includes Base Only

Part# PD-75 - 20" Trumpet Base Brushed Nickel Chrome Finish
Part# PD-76 - 23" Trumpet Base Brushed Nickel Chrome Finish


Standard Columns
Available Heights:
Part# PD-15 - 39-1/8" Chrome Column (for a 42" Tall Cocktail Table)
Part# PD-14 - 27-1/8" Chrome Column (for a 30" Tall Dining Height Table)
Part# PD-13 - 13-1/8" Chrome Column (for a 16" Tall Coffee Table)


Column only, Does not include base or k-plate.

Available in: Chrome, Black and Brushed Nickel Chrome Finishes
Also see our adjustable column to accommodate 30", 36" & 42" heights (no more stocking 2 - 3 columns).

Adjustable Pedestal Column
Our Adjustable Table Column is simply the best idea that has come along for the Rental and Hotel industry in years


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Features: Our Multi height Adjustable Cocktail and Bistro table Column serves (3) heights 30",36" & 42" all in one unit!  No more need to buy 2 or 3 columns to serve one set of bases. Operation is simple with user-friendly thumb buttons to adjust heights. Our Patent Pending Tracking System eliminates fumbling and loosing track of adjustment holes while changing heights. Eliminate stocking 2-3 columns and sending the wrong height columns out to the job forever. Available only in chrome.

Part# PD-24

18" Diameter Chrome Plated Footrings. Just drops over any standard 1.75" Diameter Column. 
Part# PD-39 - 18" Footring

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Twist Lock Footring
Part # PD-74
Patented Design
No tools or assembly required
High quality Chrome finish
19" Diameter Ring
Fits all 1-3/4" Diameter columns
Set at any height
Compact for easy storage.

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Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZH9Izog-As for demo

Standard Pedestal Table Kits

Base specifications 
  • Legs - 4 
  • 24" and 28" widths available.
  • 3.25" height 
  • 1.75" Center cores
  • Installed floor glides 
  • Requires NO tools 



Create your own pedestal table with this table kit. We offer 4 height options of 16" (Coffee Table), 30" ( Standard Table), 42" (Cocktail) table kit and an adjustable height column (Standard 30", Counter top 36" and Cocktail 42"). Bases are available in an attractive polished or brushed aluminum and black. The pedestal (post/columns) come in a chrome, black or brushed finish. Just add a table top and you have a sturdy go anywhere table.

These products feature genuine EBCO Quality.


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