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EBCO Products - Table Legs, Bar Risers & Bench Legs


Overlap Feature: The overlap feature is used on round tables and shorter tables where there is not room for 2 legs to fold flat. 



EXPO / Trade Show Legs

20.50" wide Part# EXPO 205 26" wide Part# EXPO 260 

Dual Height Adjustable Super Heavy-Duty Trade Show Folding Legs
* Available in both 20.50" and 26" Wide (Top Bar Dimension)
* Heavy Gauge 1" Square Tube Main frame
* 1" Round Tube / Top Bar
* Beige / Off White Fully Powder Coated
* Dual Height 29" / 41"
* Heavy-Gauge Drop Lock Folding Mechanism
* Plastic Protective Feet
* Pipe Straps Included
Part# EXPO 205 - *20.50" Wide
Part# EXPO 260 - *26.00" Wide


Square Series Table Legs


H-style  Pedestal Style
14" and 20" Wide 18" 24" 30" and 36" Wide
Made From Heavy Gauge 1" Square Tubing Table Legs with
Zinc Plated Frames. All attaching hardware is Zinc Plated.
Glides Installed. All legs are 29" Tall.
H-Style Part Numbers Pedestal Style Part Numbers
SQH-14 - 14" SQ-18
SQH-20 - 20" SQ-18-OL
SQH-20 - 20" SQ-24
SQH-20 - 20" SQ-24-OL


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Part# BRS-15: Bar Riser Leg 15" Tall X 9" Wide Zinc Plated Finish with 1⁄4-20 Thumb Screws. Will clamp around any top up to 1-1/2" Thick.


Pedestal Ratchet Adjustable Folding Leg

The best Adjustable folding legs on the market, our new "PDLA Series" leg ratchets up and locks into place automatically. To lower it, you just apply a small amount of pressure to the thumb tabs and it descends to the desired height. Made of heavy gauge steel, the main frame is powder coated black and the sliding frame is chrome plated, with the installed heavy-duty floor glides. Available with our overlap feature to accommodate short and round tables. Widths of the base are either 20" or 24" and height ranges from 23" to 35" or 29" to 41" Tall and adjusts in 1" increments. The Top Bar in either model is approximately 22" from center hole to center hole (Left to Right)
Part# PDLAS-20-23/35 (20" Wide Height Range 23" to 35")
Part# PDLAS-20-29/41 (20" Wide Height Range 29" to 41")
Part# PDLAS-24-23/35 (24" Wide Height Range 23" to 35")
Part# PDLAS-24-29/41 (24" Wide Height Range 29" to 41")
Part# PDLAS-24-20/32 (24" Wide Height Range 20" to 32")


Banquet Table Legs



The folding table legs are great for the do-it-yourselfer. Create tables from discarded doors, boards, etc.

Features include: 

  • Indoor-outdoor uses
  • Black powder coated or chrome finish
  • All hardware is included
  • Locking device from heavy gauge steel
  • Legs are 1" tubular steel
  • Tightly welded joints
  • Protective plastic tips.

Part# APFS-B - 24" W x 29" T, Black Table Legs
Part# APFS-B-18 - 18" W x 29" T, Black Table Legs
Part# APFS-C - 24" W x 29" T, Chrome Table Legs

Pedestal Legs

The pedestal type leg with drop lock is constructed with 1" diameter heavy gauge steel tubing with a positive locking device that falls in place when the leg is opened. The leg rotates within a saddle clamp, which is fastened to the bottom of the table top.

Part# PDLS-24

  • Height is 28"
  • Base width is 24"

Wishbone Legs

Multi-purpose folding legs designed for heavy duty applications. Ideal for indoor outdoor banquet tables, buffet, workshop, picnic, and displays. Available in 4 different sizes, 18", 24", 31", & 37" base spread.  All wishbone legs are 29" tall.

Constructed of 1" Diameter x 16 gauge steel tubing with bright zinc plating, positive locking device in open and closed positions, tough plastic glides with internal gripping prongs.


Wishbone Leg Descriptions

Wt. (Lb.)
VS-18 18" Wishbone Legs, Round (2) 12
VS-24 24" Wishbone Legs, Round (2) 12
VS-31 31" Wishbone Legs, Round (2) 14
VS-37 37" Wishbone Legs, Round (2) 16


H -Type Leg

H-Type Legs
Great for narrow and special application tables. The H-Type legs are made of 16 Ga. X 1" Diameter Tubing. Includes plastic glides with internal gripping prongs. Zinc plated Finish.
Part# Description Wt. (Lbs.)
Part# HS-14 14" Wide x 29" Tall (2) 12
Part# HS-20 20" Wide x 29" Tall (2) 12.5


Adjustable H -Type Legs

Adjustable H - Type legs. Great for serving tables and level any table used on uneven surfaces.

HS-20 Adjustable Legs &
Height - 24 1/2" to 38"
Width - 20"
Holes - 1" Increments

HS-14 Adjustable Legs &
Height - 24 1/2" to 38"
Width - 14"
Holes - 1" Increments

Black frame with chrome extension tubes.

Part# Description Wt. (Lbs.)
HS-20-ADJ 20" H-Type Adjustable Legs


HS-14-ADJ 14" H-Type Adjustable Legs


FL-1 Large Diameter Single Folding Leg
Large Diameter Single folding leg that can be cut to any size. Large 2" Diameter Tube with heavy gauge steel mounting plate. Double spring button release. Small mounting footprint. Plastic foot installed.

Part Number: FL-1- (B or C)
2" Diameter X 18 Gauge round tube.
12 Gauge Mounting Plate 3-1/8" X 3-3/4" footprint
29" Tall (Can be cut down)
Weight: 3 pounds each

Part# FL-1-B (Black)
Part# FL-1-C (Chrome)


 Folding Game Table Leg

These legs can be used to create picnic tables, display tables, card tables, ping-pong tables, and casino tables. They are easy to fold and include ALL needed screws and plastic floor protectors. Table top requirement is a minimum of 36" Square for the legs to fold correctly
  • Part# FLS-4
  • Dimensions: 1" Tubular Legs
  • Height 29"


Bench Legs

For folding benches. Special sizes available on request.

Part# BLS-14

Dimensions - 15 3/4" wide x 16 3/4" high.


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Part# IS-29: Need a quality Single leg for a special application? We have it in this 1" Diameter X 29-1/4" Tall I leg. (This leg can be cut to any height) Zinc Plated Finish
Leg is 1" Diameter x 16 Ga Tubing

Part# IS-29 Adjustable: Same as our Part# IS-29 except this leg adjusts from 25" to 38" Tall in 1" increments. Leg is 1" Diameter x 18 Ga Tubing & Insert is 7/8" x 18 Ga. Tubing, Zinc Plated Finish.


Machine welded joints on
EBCO's Folding Table Legs.

 This is only one part of what makes EBCO's Quality SUPERIOR to our competitors.

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