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EBCO Products Accessories


Anti Scratch / Anti Sink Pads

Great NEW item from EBCO Products

No more scratched floors or sinking tables with outdoor table set ups with our dual use.

Check out our new re-useable Anti Scratch Pads.

No more worrying about damaging customers floors.

These pliable pads are long life completely reusable

Part# MC-33



Table Leg Wheel Kit - NEW

Want to add wheels to your table to create a mobile table or rolling buffet table? This kit is for any 1" Diameter tube leg that is 14 gauge to 20 gauge in thickness. It includes 4 Steel Caster sockets (Just Hammer in) and 4 pieces 3" Diameter X  3⁄4" Wide Swivel Casters (2 with brakes). The casters just pop into the sockets and you're done! 

Part# MC-30 - This kit is for any 1" Diameter tube leg that is 14 gauge to 16 gauge in thickness
Part# MC-32 - This kit is for any 1" Diameter tube leg that is 18 gauge to 20 gauge in thickness


EBCO Easel
Part# ESL-01  Nickel Chrome Easel
Made from Heavy Gauge tubing. 
No Assembly and No parts to loose
Folds flat for storage.
5 Different Display height settings (18" of travel)
Overall Dimensions: Open 67" Tall X 31" Wide
Shipping Carton : 32.75" X 72" X 3.50"
Shipping Weight: 22 pounds
Easel_pics_002.jpg (816125 bytes)
Easel_pics_006.jpg (807789 bytes)  Easel_pics_008.jpg (837073 bytes)


Cocktail Table Glides

These sturdy 3 piece replacement glides fit most 4 prong star (Cocktail or Pedestal) bases. We sell them in packs of 100 pcs.
Part# PD-23



Leveling Kit for Cocktail / X-Bases

Kit Includes: 4 pcs. 3⁄4" dia. Threaded levelers & 4 Threaded inserts (Includes Postage in the Contiguous U.S.)
Part# PD-82-1


EBCO Products Table Leveling Kit

This kit is for 1" Diameter Tubing 16-18 Gauge and comes with 4 Pieces 1⁄4-20 Threaded Foot with 1" Adjustment and a Nylon Bottom and 4 pieces 1⁄4-20 Threaded Pronged Sockets, Everything you need to eliminate your wobbly tables forever on un-even surfaces!
Part# Leveler Kit


Sawhorse Protective Feet Kit


If you use your folding steel sawhorses inside and would like some floor protection, we offer these Heavy-Duty Plastic feet that can be attached to any EBCO made sawhorse. This kit includes 4 feet and the screws and nuts to attach them. You would only have to drill 4 holes (1 in each leg) to attach these.

Part# SS-Foot

    (These Feet fit all EBCO Folding Steel sawhorses, and M.D Brands)

Installation Instructions for SS-29 Sawhorse Plastic Feet.

Item List

4 pieces Plastic Foot

4 pieces Phillips Head Screws

4 pieces Hex nut

Place foot on inside of sawhorse leg (should fit exact) mark hole with marker, do this on all four legs. Drill 13/64" (drill bit not included) hole in all four place as marked. Place each foot in place and install and tighten bolts with hex nuts.



EBCO Products Table Shox Kit

Our kit is for 1" Diameter Tubing 16-18 Gauge and comes with 4 Pieces Table Shocks and 4 pieces 1⁄4-20 Threaded Pronged Sockets, Everything you need to eliminate your wobbly tables forever!

Part# TABLE SHOX - Your Wobbly Table Solution
and eliminate your wobbly tables! TABLE SHOX are automatic, hydraulic table glides that self-adjust every time your restaurant tables are moved to immediately solve your wobbly table problems.


  • 100% self-adjusting glides
  • 5/16" range of automatic movement
  • Enclosed unit
  • Safe on any floor surface
  • Easy installation; no tools required
  • Patented swivel feature for increased stability
  • Indoor and outdoor use 
  • Eliminates your customers' #1 annoyance NO MORE WOBBLY TABLES!



Part# MC-28 1⁄4" Spring Button 
Packed 500 pcs per bag weight is 4.50 pounds per 500 pcs 
Head Diameter .248"
Head Height .300"
Material: .020" X .375"
Max tubing I.D. (Round / Square) .87"
Min tubing I.D. (Round / Square) .42"
Finish: Zinc Plated


Part# MC-29 3⁄8" Spring Button
Packed 100 pcs per Bag weight is 3.50 pounds per 100 pcs
Head Diameter: .360"
Head Height: .375"
Material: .025" X .50"
Max tubing I.D. (Round & Square) 1.75"
Min. tubing I.D. (Round & Square) 1.125"
Finish: Zinc Plated

Table Edging
1000 foot rolls
Black Part# MC-12 & Brown Part# MC-13


*Available in 100 ft increments for a small cutting fee.

Floor Glides

The best glides money can buy. Durable 3-piece construction simply will NOT come out. Fits 1" Diameter 16-gauge thru 20-gauge tubing. Can also be used as tube enclosures. Sold in lots of 100 pieces.
Part# ZK-08


1" Square insert

1" Square Leg insert for 14-20 gauge tubing.

Sold in lots of 100 pcs

Part# MC-34

Light Duty Leg Caps

These one-piece caps are easily replaceable and great for light-duty situations. For 1" Diameter tubing, in lots of 208. 
Part# MC-08

Leg Attaching Hardware

We have those hard to find bolts and nuts. They are 1/4" diameter x 1 1/4" long table bolts with self locking nuts. Head Diameter is 15/16".  Packed 500 per package.
Part# MC-14

1" Pipe Straps

Great for attaching any 1" dia. crossbar type legs, plus many other uses. Made of heavy 16 gauge material. Sold in lots of 100.
Part# Pipe Straps

Chair & Crutch Feet

Samsonite style Chair feet

Will fit most brands of the thin folding stack chair with 3/4" tubing, white and Black available, sold in lots of 100 pieces


Stack Chair Rocker Glides / Caps / Feet

Fits 7/8" Square 18 Gauge Tubing.

Sold in lots of 100 pieces 
Part# Rocker Feet


1" Black Rubber Crutch Tips.  

Sold in lots of 50 pieces
Part# Crutch



Heavy Duty Skirt & Linen Hangers

*Snap lock design

*Heavy gauge wire construction

*Full Powder coat finish

*Large 18" of hanging space


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